About us

The social cooperative non-profit La Formica was founded on 1 March 1996, from an idea of social solidarity coming from a group of young people that were operating within the Diocese of Rimini in organizations like AGESCI (Association of Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts) and the Catholic Action, and who carried out the Civil Service as conscientious objectors at Caritas Rimini.

In order to put in place their experiences, a “B” type Social Cooperative (work placement of disadvantaged people) was founded, with the goal of satisfying the interests of the community for the human development and the integration of citizens.
The initial business idea was the management of the separate collection of waste within the city of Rimini. In fact, La Formica started with only the collection of paper within the old town in 1996, later extending the separate collection to all types of urban waste. This environmental sector remained the main activity of the Cooperative, but other working introduction sectors for disadvantaged people have been added over time. Among these are: advertisement billposting (in several surrounding municipalities), road maintenance and road signs, cemetery management and death notice, management of a second hand clothing and furniture warehouse in San Vito, collection of used clothing to support several social projects.

The Cooperative has its legal and administrative headquarters in Rimini, Via Portogallo 2. It is a non-profit organization and it is based on the principles of mutuality. At the moment, the Cooperative is composed of 50 members and almost all of them are employed in the various working sectors. The actual staffing plan consists of about 100 co-operators engaged under annual contract, who can get up to 120 members in the summertime, thanks to the seasonal hirings related to the increased workload during the tourist season, which significantly affects the environmental sector.

La Formica is deeply rooted in the territory of Rimini, since it is connected to the people, the history and the tourism of the city. The Cooperative was born from a new idea of a more operational and professional service management. The main function is the environmental one, with an effective and decisive participation in the social issues of the territory of Rimini, which are inevitably connected to the public ethics.