Nowadays, we can hear talking more and more about social inclusion for the most vulnerable and about their full integration in the dynamics of our society, which is more and more complicated and articulated…
…the fundamental idea of La Formica is that social inclusion for disadvantaged people is possible in a decisive way only through a stable occupation.
The main objective of our cooperative society is focused, indeed, on the professional, personal and economic fulfilment of those people who are experiencing difficult conditions of social or physical disadvantage (disabled, cripples, handicap bearers, former drug addicts in rehab, detainees of former detainees that are subject to external custodial sentence, etc.) and are therefore excluded from the labour market and from the social inclusion processes.
La Formica, with its projects of social and environmental solidarity, is aimed at reaching this objective through the identification and the development of agricultural, industrial, commercial and service activities, which are designed for:

  • The job placement for people with a social or physical disadvantage through the creation of new jobs;
  • The improvement of the environmental impact of our territory, in particular through the separate collection of solid urban waste, contributing to the spread of a culture of sustainable economic development.