Environmental hygiene services

The environmental sector is the one that gave birth to La Formica and it is also the sector that, in all these years, has enabled the company to grow, specializing in the environmental compartment. A level of professionalism which is emerging not only from the consolidated vehicle fleet for this type of services, which counts nowadays 30 of them, but also from the development of the educational and career path that the company achieved, by obtaining all the quality certifications required by the market. The ISO 9001 certificate was obtained by the company in September 2003, the ISO 14001 certificate obtained in December 2014 and the more recent OHSAS 18001 arrived in January 2015. The latter refers to all aspects of workplace safety, which is not compulsory for contest purposes, but it is essential for those who are working strictly as social workers and see their employees not as a means to achieve their goals, but as one of the goals of their economic organisation. It represents a fair and fully transparent attitude, which was also confirmed by the Competition and Market Authority that gave to La Formica two stars on the racing for legality, on November 5, 2015.

The services are mainly carried out through the CSR (Social Consortium of Romagna) in ATI with other companies of the same sector and territory. It includes different types of works, such as the solid urban waste collection and transportation, the separate collection, the management of collection centres for services of manual and mechanical sweeping, the cleaning of maritime waste in the territory of the province of Rimini.