5×1000 to LaFormica non-profit organisation

Everything you need to know about 5×1000

  • What is 5×1000? Is it an additional cost for the taxpayer?
    Every taxpayer filing his/her tax returns (730, Unico or CUD) can choose to allocate his/her 5×1000 to a non-profit organisation, which would otherwise be allocated to the State. It is not an additional tax, neither a substitute for 8×1000, but a way to be free to choose to who address part of your own taxes. 
  • Is 5×1000 substituting 8×1000?
    Choosing to allocate 5×1000 and 8×1000 are not excluding each other, you can choose one or the other independently.
  • What do I have to do in order to allocate my 5×1000 to La Formica non-profit organisation?
    It is extremely simple: you only have to sign in the appropriate box for non-profit organisations (the first box on the top left called “Support to volunteering and other non-profit organisations of social utility, social promotion associations, associations and foundations”) and specify the VAT number of La Formica (02 442 830 408) in the space under the signature.

  • What happens if I only sign without indicating my tax number?
    If you don’t indicate your tax number, the amount will be distributed according to the number of preferences received by the associations that belong to the same category.
  • Where can I find all the information regarding the regulations of 5×1000?
    You have to go to the website of the Revenue Agency  www.agenziaentrate.it.